Strength Boot Camp

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Our vision for the strength boot camp is to partner with area clubs and schools to provide the vital strength training needed to improve performance and to keep our youth injury free, to...Run4Life! Our mission is to create a FUN, noncompetitive training environment that teaches our youth to learn the importance of proper strength training and proactive injury prevention!

The strength boot camp provides a series of body strength, flexibility and core circuits that are age appropriate and can be scaled easily up or down based on skill level. The strength circuit isolates and targets specific muscles, ligaments and tendons to correct muscle imbalances and weaknesses that lead to injury. The flexibility circuit is a series of dynamic stretches and range of motion movements. These help with the recovery process, improved turnover and joint health. Core strength is essential in creating and maintaining proper running form. The core circuit aims to strengthen the core area to restore balance in the midsection. These circuits all complement each other and lead to dramatic improvements in injury prevention, strength and speed for all athletes.

Grades K-12

Sunday 6:00 - 7:00 PM



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Parents can participate for free with active child membership. Join our Full Access program and get an additional 10% discount!