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“I don’t run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days.” Ronald Rook

Our mission is to teach our young athletes to focus on the big picture. We run to have FUN, to improve our health, to support our teammates and to compete. But, there is a much deeper purpose in the beauty of running, and it is more than just winning a single race. We run for Life! This mindset helps create the positive training environment they need to be successful in reaching their short and long term goals.

Philosophy and Training Methods

As a parent and coach, I learned that running is an amazing tool to teach kids the values of hard work, discipline, and perseverance. My approach is inspired by the curriculum from the Coaching Clinic at the Nike Smoky Mountain Running Camp in Asheville, NC. There I learned the principles of Effort Based training that give coaches and athletes the tools to individualize workouts - tying together pace, pulse, and perceived exertion. This method teaches runners to work at the appropriate effort level that is comfortable, but focused on building strength and endurance over time. You’re young Athlete will gain confidence as their strength and fitness levels improve. As individuals and a team we will set our sights on having FUN, improving our time, remaining injury free and performing to the best of our ability. Our fitness journey begins from where we are at today and from there anything is possible. Come train with us!


Coach Chris

Red River Gorge Half Marathon 2018
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Coach, just wanted to say again how great it was to have this first experience with cc for our daughters to be such a great experience. your attitude, positive energy, and encouragement was amazing. We were really wanting to introduce this sport to our girls as a sport they can do for the next 50 years if they so choose and your coaching was exactly what they needed. I hope {and am optimistic) that there will be more running in our kiddos futures.

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Offers as many as (4) training sessions per week, year round. We are here to help all athletes improve their endurance through running.  We serve as a primary sport or as a supplement to other sports or activities on a come as needed basis.

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This program is not just for runners. It will help all athletes take their game to the next level. Strength Training improves power, running form and is critical for injury prevention. The Strength program will be held on Sunday evening’s at an exceptional indoor AstroTurf training facility located in a central location to serve our community.


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Run4Life Full Access

Join both programs and get an additional 10% off per month. This option gives your athlete full access to the Athletic Club and strength boot camps.



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